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Welcome to Islamic Relief and Research Trust

About Us

It is my life pleasure to present 18th annual report of Islamic Relief & Research. Trust Kashmir of the year 2018-19. It gives me immense pleasure to present what we have been able to achieve this year to all our Donors, Supporters, members and well wishers of Trust.

It is encouraging for everyone associated with our organization. When we receive appreciation and recognition of the work which we are doing under the banner of IRRT but at the same time. We acknowledge our weakness and construction criticism.We are delighted and encouraged when people from different walks of life join us and support us.We have a team of highly dedicated and qualified workers and we have honest volunteers with our executive council.

Our Vision

” To grant wishes that will give hope to Children, Orphan, Poor Women and Widows in need in communities across India.”

Our Mission

“To transform communities through helping Orphan,Widows and Poor Women and their families who need support” to ensure that this mission is written in a way that is consistent with the other missions.”

Our Core Values

  • Justice and equality.
  • Relief and Rehabilitation without  any discrimination.
  • Service to Mankind.
  • Accountability and Transparency.

Who We Are ?

It is my life pleasure to present 18th annual report of Islamic Relief & Research. Trust Kashmir of the year 2018-19. This year we have completed 18 years of our work, our main focus remains to contribute to the society by bringing peace, prosperity on the ground by rendering our services and addressing.The issues of marginalized and under privileged people of state of J & K. It is only with the help of Donors individual and agencies that we are able to work for needy to achieve our goals and objectives. A sustainable support from Donors and funding agencies and well wishers is imperative. We tried for CSR funding also for extension of our left out work and we hope positive response now.

Activities of Trust Undertaken During the Year of 2018 - 19

(1) Financial Assistance Poor Students

Through this programme IRRT enables students from poor families & orphans to continue their higher and professional education by providing financial assistance and scholarships through account payee cheques.

During ­current year the under privileged students perusing MBBS-BDS, engineering, MBA ITI courses and general graduation courses were given financial assistance.

The school going students from orphan category and poor families were also given financial assistance and scholarships.

(2) Clothing for Poor Women and Widows

On the occasion of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Zuha clothing were provided to needy widows and poor women.

(3) Ramadan Food Kits

During the month of Ramadan trust distribute food kits among widows and poor women who are registered beneficiaries with us.

(4) Monthly Emergency Relief

Under our monthly assistance programme widows, destitute, disable persons registered with trust are provided cash assistance for sustenance through account payee cheques.

(5) Medical Aid

Under this prgoramme trust provide monthly assistance by way of cash in terms of cheques for their medicines and treatment to poor patients. Under this activity poor patients. Under this activity one time grant of five to seven thousand per patient was provided for special treatment to needy poor patients.

(6) Male Orphanages

Darul Ehsan

One male orphanage was established in the year 2011 at kralapora where all basic facilities were provided to orphans besides modern education, healthcare, counseling moral and physical education. This year said orphanage was shifted to usmaina colony bagi Mehtab as the accommodation at kralapora was not sufficient for orphan inmates. More facilities were arranged within the orphanage.

(7) Female Orphanages

Darul Muhsinat

One female orphanage Darul Muhsinat was established at singpora pattan in the year 2012 in a rented building where in all the basic facilities including modern education, moral and physical education is provided to female orphan in mates however two years before two storied building was purchased renovated and a modern kitchen was constructed with the help of one generous donor Haji Gh. Mohammad Dar however more construction is required in order to provided requisite facilities. Presently 21 inmates are housed in the orphanage.Tour programmes & counseling is arranged for orphan inmates.In certain cases cash assistance was also given to needy girls.

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  • +91- 9419075361, +91- 9596124097
  • Lal Mandi Road Opp. L.D Hospital, Srinagar - 190001