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It is my life pleasure to present 18th annual report of Islamic Relief & Research. Trust Kashmir of the year 2018-19. It gives me immense pleasure to present what we have been able to achieve this year to all our Donors, Supporters, members and well wishers of Trust.

It is encouraging for everyone associated with our organization. When we receive appreciation and recognition of the work which we are doing under the banner of IRRT but at the same time. We acknowledge our weakness and construction criticism.

We are delighted and encouraged when people from different walks of life join us and support us.We have a team of highly dedicated and qualified workers and we have honest volunteers with our executive council.

This year we have completed 18 years of our work, our main focus remains to contribute to the society by bringing peace, prosperity on the ground by rendering our services and addressing.The issues of marginalized and under privileged people of state of J& K.

It is only with the help of Donors individual and agencies that we are able to work for needy to achieve our goals and objectives. A sustainable support from Donors and funding agencies and well wishers is imperative. We tried for CSR funding also for extension of our left out work and we hope positive response now.

Given the situation we witnessed in the past of 28 years our women and children in particular have been Vulnerable empowerment by utilizing our limited resources. Our responsibility is increasing day by day due to increased number of orphans’ widows and destitute in the area.

The numbers of orphans two lacks and twenty thousand and number of widow’s is more than sixty thousand now, it is challenging task.

This year we tried our level best to reach out to the people who are in need of support and assistance as we conceive more programmed for the needy one. ZAKAT is the only sustainable only 5-1/2%. Muslims pay Zakat regularly in Kashmir. We are trying to regulate the system of Zakat for its giving and receiving through our established ZAKAT centre which enables us to mobilize our resources and reach out to the needy people.

We have been able to persuade orphans in need for having the sponsorship of 30 orphans. I extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to all those individual donors and donor agencies that generously supported our activities. I invite all the interested and like minded people to join hands with us and co-operate with us for achieving our targets.

We look forward for social bonding brotherhood, communal harmony peace and prosperity within our society. All needy persons are equal before us irrespective of cast, creed color, region and religion. We are committed to provide space to all those who want to contribute on humanitarian grounds for peace, prosperity social justice and development. I pray for our success in our goals and I hope this message has relevance and acceptance for reaching out to the needy and marginalized section of the society.