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Donation Appeal

Donation Appeal Orphanage home, Mosque, And Islamic School for Poor Shelter less Children.

Shelter less, parents less children & women living in open sky, no food no shelter no cloths no drinking water they need your help.

For this Nobel cause we need yours Donations, Zakat, Hadya, Fidya, Sadqa etc.

We appeal to all peoples all over world that for GOD sake help these deserving peoples they will pray for you forever.

For Orphanage home, Mosque, Islamic School.

  • Food, education, clothes, pure drinking water, medical treatment, shelter etc.

We need a construct orphanage home for residents of shelter less children.

NOTE: Dear Muslims community you can deposit your donation funds in PayPal account directly. We will send you a receipt of donation payment on letterhead on demand for exemption of any tax if you are paying in your present country???


( All Local & National donation are received on the below mention bank account )

  1. A/C NO. :- 50200025495480  With HDFC BANK B/o Nowgam Srinagar

2. A/C NO. S.B.L :- 0227010100000919 With J & K BANK B/o Singpora (Pattan) Darul Muhsinat IFSC Code:- JAKA0SINGPORA

3. A/C NO. S.B :- 0869040100000365 With J & KBANK B/o Kralpora (Chadoora) Darul Ehsan IFSC Code: – JAKA0KRALPR

4. A/C NO. S.B :- 0227010100000919 With J & K BANK B/o Singpora Pattan Darul Muhsinat IFSC Code: – JAKA0singpora

5. A/C NO. S.B :- 0534010100000871 With J & K BANK B/o Baghi Mehatab Srinagar IFSC Code: – JAA0MEHTAB

6. A/C NO. S.B :- 0008040100023713 With J & K BANK B/o Chadoora IFSC Code: – JAKA0CHADUR 

( This Account Details For Only for foreign contributions FCRA )

7. A/C NO. C.D :- 30641495296 With STATE BANK OF INDIA B/o Jawahar Nagar IFSC Code: – SBIN0002005

8. A/C NO. C.D :- 0002010100007721 With J & K BANK B/o Amira Kadal Srinagar

9. A/C NO. S.B :- 1573 With J & K BANK B/o Sadiq Abad K.P. Road Anantnag

10. A/C NO. S.B :- 0008040100051713 With J & K BANK B/o Chadoora IFSC Code: – JAK0CHADUR

( This Account Details For Local Online Donation )

11. A/C NO. C.D :- 0322010100010286 With J & K BANK B/o Jawahar Nagar Srinagar IFSC Code: – JAKA0JNAGAR

12. A/C NO. S.B :- 006704100018446 With J & K BANK B/o Harising High Street Srinagar IFSC Code: – JAK0STREET

13. A/C NO. S.B :- 13233 With J & K BANK B/o Chowk Chabootra Jammu

14. A/C NO. S.B :- 0227040100001831 With J & K BANK B/o Singpora Pattan Sir Mohammad Iqbal Institute of Education IFSC Code: – JAKAOSINGPO

15. A/C NO. C.D :- 30641495296 With STATE BANK OF INDIA B/o Jawahar Nagar Srinagar         IFSC Code: – 00020005

PAN Number of Trust :- AAT13847

Number of NITI-AYOG :- JK/2018/0183724